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We offer 500 & 600 hour personal training education programs. Students spend one half of their day inside the classroom where they learn a variety of topics, including anatomy, physiology, exercise, nutrition, and  working with special populations.

Students are exposed to the business side of being a personal trainer. The other half of the day is spent in practical hands-on sessions. In those sessions, they learn an array of exercise techniques, as well as programming.

National Personal Training Institute graduates will be eligible for two credentials, in addition to certifications in CPR/AED & First Aid.

  • 500 Hour (600 hours in Orlando, FL, Lisle, IL, Boston, MA, Cleveland & Columbus, OH & Vienna, VA) State-Approved Department of Education Diploma in Personal Training (In Arizona & Pittsburgh it is a Certificate of Completion). This requires no upkeep of Continuing Education Courses (CEC’s) and never needs to be renewed. Your Diploma in personal training will be good for life!
  • If you choose to further your main credential, you will be eligible to sit for the NASM-CPT Certification. The National Personal Training Institute is NASM’s largest academic partner in North America. The NASM Certification combined with a State Diploma will prepare you to be one of the most qualified personal trainers in the industry.

Yes. The National Personal Training Institute was founded in 2000. Currently, there are over 30 campuses nationwide, as well as in Canada.

Yes. Click here to view each state’s licensing information.

We are highly committed to assisting our graduates in finding work in the fitness and health field. We have an outstanding reputation for providing employers with some of the best personal trainers in the entire country. We take pride in working hard to aid our students, and take it to the next step.* Our thorough job placement assistance includes the following:

  • Guest Speaker series
  • Broad list of contacts used for hiring
  • Provide students with training on resume and cover letter writing, as well as job interviewing skills
  • We have a large and ever growing network of graduates working in the fitness and health field, and they hire recent National Personal Training Institute grads.

*We will make every effort to help our graduates find employment; however, the National Personal Training Institute cannot promise or guarantee employment to anyone.

Yes, a $75 enrollment fee ($50 in FL). Your enrollment fee will hold a place in the class of your choosing. You will not be enrolled until we receive the enrollment fee.

You wouldn’t ever consider hiring a personal training professional that got an online certification, would you? Well, your clients wouldn’t either. Most online certifications require a student to buy a book and complete a test. You need to ask how this could qualify and prepare someone to have a real career as a personal trainer. You wouldn’t visit a doctor that only had an online education, would you? Some colleges or junior colleges offer some sort of personal training program. We think that is great and it shows the profession of personal training is very strong and growing rapidly. However, when you evaluate programs, you are going to see that you won’t really have a choice.

At the National Personal Training Institute, we prepare our students to have successful careers in the health and fitness fields. Other institutions and online courses lack this focus. When you are in class, you are going to be taught what you specifically need to know related to being a personal trainer. We won’t have you study any unconnected topics. When it comes to the practical aspect of the program, you are going to gain incredibly valuable hands-on knowledge that you will need to steer patrons through their workouts. Plus, when you consider that we work diligently to assist our students in finding jobs when they graduate, it is plain to see that the focal point of our program really does benefit our students. View a comparison chart here: National Personal Training Institute vs. Other Personal Trainer Certifications

During the hands-on portion of the curriculum, you will receive invaluable experience. Throughout your time in the program, you will learn how to implement and design an array of workout programs that are based on real-world scenarios.

You will be taught the best exercises, as well as new techniques in structured exercises that are designed and overseen by National Personal Training InstituteI staff members. You will also learn the theory behind functional training, and comprehend how you can incorporate them into your own fitness programming. Not only that, but you will learn how to properly analyze exercises to determine the plane and joint range of motion, as well as the primary muscles that are utilized in each specific movement.

Functional training is a resistance training method that utilizes an array of exercise equipment, including Bosu, kettlebells, dyna-discs, and other unbalanced surfaces. These surfaces assist the body’s kinetic chain.

These exercises differ from your typical strength training because they mimic real-life movement, incorporating the whole body, including your core muscles in the stomach and lower back. From seated leg extensions, you will gain strength in the quad muscles, but do you ever actually use those muscles in that position during your everyday life? Rarely. Instead, we show you movements in which you use those muscles in your everyday life. Rather than making a client do a bench press, you can let them lay their backs on a stability ball and complete a chest press using dumbbells. They will continue to get the upper body workout they want, but due to lying on an unstable surface, they will also get a great workout of the core muscles, as well.

These exercises are more fun and effective for both the trainer and the client. Your clients can also complete many of these exercises from home, a location where they probably do not have a lot of equipment. Knowing how you can implement functional training exercises into client workouts is important.

Check your designated school’s location page for more information: National Personal Training Institute Locations

You absolutely can. A big perk of our program is that you actually get to work out every day you are here, so you’ll be learning in the classroom, plus getting the chance to make a positive physical change in your own body.

Our environment is extremely learner-friendly. We do our absolute best to assist each student in learning the material at a comfortable pace. We have small class sizes, great instructors, and spend a good deal of time on each section of our curriculum. We also have a great deal of review time worked into your schedule. The first portion of each class is spent reviewing the material from the previous day, and we also spend one full day reviewing material prior to all exams. Students between the ages of 18 and 72 that come in all shapes and sizes have graduated from our program.

Our admission requirements are as follows:

  • You need to have earned at least your high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • You must be at least 18 years old by the start of class for which you enroll
  • Submit a medical clearance form signed by a health care provider that clears the student for participation in physical activity

You will not need any prerequisite classes. The National Personal Training Institute does not discriminate against any applicant by race, gender, age or physical disability in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

All students must attend at least 90% of clock hours of the Personal Training Program in order to graduate. There are an array of ways for a student that is missing hours in excess of the minimum requirements to make up attendance hours. Please review Addendum II: Attendance Policy in the school catalogs posted on the bottom left hand side of the home page of this website for more information.