Why Choose NPTI Houston?

There is now a great demand for the further understanding of fitness and nutrition as the market is booming. The importance of knowledge-based personal training and for high-level professionals is the new norm. The National Personal Training Institute will prepare you for a successful career as a fitness professional.

NPTI is the only personal training school that will give you the education, hands-on experience, skills, and insight to become a top-tier trainer. As the go-to industry educator, we can help you transition your passion for health and fitness into a rewarding career. Graduates receiving their certification from NPTI are capable of becoming the best professionals in their field of expertise

If you have been researching how to become a personal trainer, you likely have discovered that the industry’s alphabet soup of certifications and organizations can be confusing. This can be traced back to the fitness industry having little public and private regulation. Anyone can call themselves a “personal trainer”.

So how does one create legitimacy in the industry? You must validate your skill set. A diploma from the National Personal Training Institute allows you to earn the education and credentials of the highest standards…separating you from the rest. There is actual schooling, hands-on training, and the opportunity to become a professional trainer.

NPTI offers a diploma— not just a certification. This is considered better than certification by many in the industry. While every certification requires continuing education courses and renewal fees (costing thousands of dollars), our diplomas are lifetime proof of the excellent educational training you received at our institution. The quality of an NPTI Diploma is recognized across the United States (and the rest of the world), and it brings you connectivity, networking, and job placement options. Ultimately, the question becomes “Why not invest in a Diploma?”

National Personal Training Institute Graduates Receive:

  • Hands-on Personal Training Program. This personal fitness trainer program requires no costly Continuing Education Courses (CEC’s) and will never have to be renewed. Your diploma in personal training will be valid for life across the United States. Many in the fitness industry deem this to be the highest level of education one can receive as a personal trainer.
  • CPR/AED and First Aid Certification 
  • 100 hours of Nutrition Education
  • Lifetime Job Placement Assistance 

Build your career helping others as a personal professional in health clubs, vacation resorts, spas, private business practices, fitness centers, corporate programs, hotels, country clubs, cruise ships, and with athletic teams. Your possibilities are endless.


NPTI Houston has Partnered with NASM!

Earn your NPTI Diploma & 2 NASM Certifications.

You will be able to earn 3 Certificates, which will help your immediate earning potential and allow you to start as a Tier 2 Personal Trainer (at most gyms).