All of our graduates have the ongoing, continued support of a dedicated staff of nutritionists and fitness experts. If you ever need help or have a question, just give us a call.

Unlike other personal training certification programs, the personal training education you will receive at the National Personal Training Institute is much more than just a certification—it is a true diploma. This tangible difference shows in the caliber of our instructors that have a great deal of real-world experience as well as our facilities around the country with top equipment at your disposal.

By creating a personal training education where students are on the gym floor training every day rather than solely in a classroom taking test, we can provide a well-rounded education that leads to a diploma and certification. At NPTI, we strive to provide you with an education that prepares you to be a highly qualified professional personal trainer that can work anywhere in the industry.

Our personal training education program is unique among personal training programs because our graduates have built a solid foundation for their careers as professional personal training instructors. Armed with a diploma that is highly respected throughout the fitness and health industry, NPTI graduates have a personal training diploma that is good for a lifetime. In addition, the diploma reflects the earned CPR/ First Aid/ AED certifications and puts you in the perfect position to sit for any additional personal training certifications.

The top employers in health & fitness actively seek out our graduates, thereby providing opportunities in a wide variety of personal training specialization areas. From working in health clubs, education, the corporate world or even cruise ships to working as an independent personal fitness instructor with your own clients, the possibilities are endless. With the personal training education that you will receive at the National Personal Training Institute, you will be ready to choose your path to a successful career as a professional personal trainer.

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